Welcome to Fairwood. It's good to be home!

Announcement Board!
HOA Meetings

Please join us on the second Monday of every month at 6:30pm. We meet at the recreation center located at 14701 Spring Cypress Road. See you there! 

An agenda for each meeting is available the Friday before and can be downloaded for your convenience. 

Other Announcements

Pool Cards! Get your pool cards now if you have not already! Complete the Facility Card Registration Form online from the Resources page.

Fairwood Message Boards You can now put your personal message on the Fairwood signs for $10 a line, which includes both signs and it stays up approximately 7-10 days! Contact us  for more information.

Pets on Leashes This is a reminder to all residents to please keep dogs on leashes at all times when outside of private fenced area. This is the law. Also, please scoop up after your dog. An easy way to do this is to bring along a plastic bag tied to the leash.

Constable Watch
 Take advantage of our constable's services when you are out of town. Before leaving, call the constable's office and let them know when you are leaving and when you are returning. Your home will be checked during the regular drive-through.

Playground Rules Parents please go over the playground rules with your children. These rules can be located on the Amenities page. Thanks for helping to make our playgrounds safe and clean!

Do you recycle? It's so easy! Call Republic Services, Inc. (713) 849-0400 to ask for a free recycling bin. (This service is included in your MUD bill) 
Fairwood Events